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Cruising In Tune

Thursday, March 23rd, 2006

Everyone knows how tough it can be to find a good, honest mechanic. Recently my car was running pretty bad. I feared that the clutch or transmission had begun to slip. So after asking a few friends I took the buggy over to Sid’s Auto Repair. He diagnosed the problems quickly and brought me up to speed. Luckily I only needed a tune up. Another plus - he is within walking distance! A week later I brought Jenna’s car in for a check up. Now both cars are running beautifully. I feel a couple roadtrips coming on. So if your car is in need of some work give him a call.

Thanks Sid.

Sid’s Auto Repair Inc
3166 South Kinnickinnic Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53207

Those Shoes

Tuesday, March 21st, 2006

Yesterday I bought some new shoes. I needed some badly. I am one of those guys who doesn’t buy shoes often enough. Anyway, ya know how the sales people always try to talk you into buying that protector spray? I am sure it helps protect your shoes but it seems overpriced. Well, when they asked if I would like to buy some, I said “I have some at home, thank you.” Which I did.

So this morning I went to put my shoes on and I thought, “Before I head out the door I should spray my shoes!” Initially I was going to go down to the basement and spray them but I heard Jenna’s voice inside my head scolding me for even thinking about it. So I located the spray and headed for the back porch. I didn’t want the fumes to migrate into the house so I closed the door behind me and locked myself out. I had to break into a basement window and shimmy inside. Hopefully my neighbors didn’t see me. They might think I’m a little too good at breaking and entering.

17″ Powerbook G4 R.I.P.

Saturday, March 18th, 2006

I can barley utter the words. My… My Powerbook is…. (sigh) My Powerbook is dead. Almost. I am sure this death roll is due to the dropping incident. Anyway, I was able to salvage my important data and applications before it went kaput. It is still gasping for air as I write this on another machine. It’s problem you ask? I don’t know for sure but after consulting an expert, it looks like a hardware issue. What kind of hardware issue I couldn’t tell ya, but when I am able to bring up the desktop or startup from the disc, it freezes and I mean freezes. Option-command-escape will not thaw it’s icy stare. Zapping the Pram? Tried it. Removed the battery? No dice. Although I haven’t totally given up quite yet, the prognosis looks quite grim. I just can’t believe its gone. I guess I still have memories. I think I just may end up selling it for parts and invest in a MacBook Pro and a carrying case with bomb shelter grade protection.

The Light of Knowledge

Wednesday, March 1st, 2006

Jenna and I celebrated part of our Christmas late this year. As a matter of fact it was last Saturday. We went out to Madison to hang out with the Sims and the Dheins. While we were there, we participated in a white elephant gift exchange. It was quite fun. A few lawn ornaments, some reading materials, and a complete set of Rocky videos were passed back and forth. What did I get you ask? I ended up with a complete set of Funk and Wagnalls Encyclopedias circa 1960.

Although they are quite old, they still contain some relevant info. I wouldn’t count on the relevance of any entries referring to mental health or civil rights but there is something I love about encyclopedias. Even these old ones. They are small - only 6 x 9. There are 25 volumes in all and they have that familiar, comforting smell of almost ancient books. I don’t know if I’ll use them much at all but I’ll keep and enjoy them just the same. Thanks Jeff.